Wednesday, September 25, 2013

VOTE Pete Dinelli for Mayor of Albuquerque

Pete at alvarado
Pete Dinelli-Leader. Problem Solver. Born & raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pete's running for Mayor because he won’t stand on the sidelines while City Hall is engulfed in a public safety crisis & petty partisan politics. Pete knows our prosperity depends on creating the good-paying, long-lasting jobs of the future, providing a world-class education for our children & public safety that will make our city a model around the state & nation.

Pete has served as Chief Public Safety Officer, Deputy City Attorney, Director of the Safe City Strike Force, Chief Deputy District Attorney, 911 Interim Director, Workers’ Compensation Judge, Albuquerque City Councilor, Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Attorney General.

See where Mr. Dinelli stands on the issues by following this link.

Vote Pete Dinelli !

Energize abq

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Javier Gonzales Renewed My Faith in Santa Fe

Javier_GonzalespicJavier Gonzales the former State of New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman issued the following heartfelt statement regarding his own coming to terms with his sexuality. Follow this link to the original article in Familia es Familia.

The past Chairman of Democratic Party in NM, Javier Gonzales, issued the running with true blue declaration as to his own particular pondering his sexuality. Bring after this connect with the central article in Familia es Familia.

Precisely when a Bishop named Jorge from Buenos Aires took the name Francis, he made an energetic association with Santa Fe. In any case, when Pope Francis went by Brazil beginning late, he talked especially to me, when he communicated, "why might it be a smart thought for me to judge?"

Encountering youth in this town, I felt myself totally gotten a handle on by la herencia, the regular ways that portrayed the chronicled scenery of Santa Fe. A lot of it is magnificent, a celebration of family, a spirit of gathering, a sentiment sense of duty regarding the people who went before us and obligation to the people who come after us. Knowing you are a bit of a continuum gives a youth a sentiment put and a sentiment pride. These are in general gifts I intend to pass on to my two young ladies.

Notwithstanding, nearby that sentiment pride furthermore comes, bona fide or saw, the knowledge that the people who venture a long way from the typical way would be judged insufficiently, seen as unappreciative or ill bred, or all the more dreadful. As a kid, I never considered a lifestyle not exactly the same as that of my people and theirs before me. I thought I'd marry an adjacent young woman, have youngsters, and after that grandkids. I tried not to show up as something else, yet rather the reality of the situation was I am, and I have a failed marriage to exhibit it.

Single yet again, I made progress towards enduring my character. However, in spite of all that I worried over any disgrace I would pass on to my family, tended to whether being gay was a choice a similar number of still believe it is, and whether I was proper as indicated by God.

So I aggregated the courage to converse with my people, who responded with a truly essential abrazo. I tended to my partners, who after a hidden awkward calm, asked, where are we going for lunch? I tended to my young ladies, who like various in their period, asked what the real experience was.

To have this feeling of separation expelled from those most critical in my life is a mind blowing alleviation, and an update, that there is not genuine comprehension without open, legit correspondence.

The life of St. Francis shows us to dispose of the shallow and perceive the poise in all of mankind. Furthermore, in naming the house of prayer in Santa Fe in his respect, our progenitors grasped that message. For more than 400 years we have been a multi-social group that has flourished with our assorted qualities.

It is that soul that has made us the City Different, a town that can grasp a wide range of individuals, from the offspring of conventional, socially preservationist Hispanics to the children of flower children, from representatives to craftsmen, from locals and the old families that fabricated this town to newcomers who help keep the economy alive. Our extremely presence as a group is evidence that we are better when we esteem and aside from each other for our identity without judgment.

Take after Javier on Twitter@Javiermgonzales

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Gay Wedding Licenses Being Issued in Dona Ana County American State

The related was given by the Democratic Party of Dona Ana County by Sir Leslie Stephen Jones


Photograph higher than by Rep. Bill McCamley

Lynn Ellins (D-Doña Ana County) has declared that his operating surroundings are by and by provision wedding licenses to gay person introduction couples.

A photo to the profit is mister. Ellins was taken by Sir Leslie Sir Leslie Stephen Jones.

Ellins Ellins antecedently mentioned that he has been harrowing concerning provision licenses since last Gregorian calendar month, once state expert individual General urban focus King issued an honest footing paper act that New Mexico's disallowance on provision wedding licenses to same-sexual introduction couples is misguided. From that point forward, the professional individual General – in Associate in Nursing extremely authentic transient to the New Supreme Court – has declined to secure the blacklist and has asked for that the Supreme Court articulate New Mexico's restriction of same-sexual introduction wedding unlawful below the state's constitution.

Seven days back, Ellins pronounced, the state Supreme Court declined to issue a decision explore for by legal advisors for same-sexual introduction couples aching for wedding licenses from the realm facilitate with Bernalillo and metropolis areas. Or maybe, the Supreme Court sent these problems back to the lower courts for Associate in Nursing hidden summary on the favorable circumstances.

Ellin's couples above soliciting for wedding allow can never more be turned down and starting these days; licenses are issued at the Doña Ana County Government Center for knowledge concerning American state wedding allow conditions, decision the Doña Ana County Clerk's workplace at (575) 647-7421.

Take once this link with a KRQE article concerning the response from NM Politico's with relevance this safe competition of a dedication of 2 people in adoration.

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Diane Gibson for City Council District 7

It's Unanimous!!!!

Diane gibson logoFirefighters, City Employees, Distinguished Community Leaders and Neighbors Endorse
Diane Gibson for City Council District 7

Diane Gibson has received overwhelming support in her bid for City Council District 7. She is humbled and grateful. "Our campaign has been going door to door for months talking to folks in District 7. These endorsements confirm that the hard work is paying off and we are on our way to winning in October." stated Diane.

List of Supporters:

  • Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters, Local 244
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
  • City Councilor Isaac Benton "Diane Gibson is the engaged, proactive, inclusive, communicative leader that is right for District 7. She is committed to the efficient delivery of City services, as well as protecting and improving its unique neighborhoods. We agree that a change of direction must be made if we are to have a vibrant city that our children will want to stay in."
  • Merri Rudd - "I am impressed by Diane Gibson. She cares about our district and is knowledgeable about the challenging issues our city faces. Diane has integrity and is down to earth, intelligent, and a good listener. When I served as probate judge, I believed strongly that elected officials should be ethical public servants. I believe Diane Gibson will be an ethical and responsive public servant, and I am honored to endorse her for City Council District 7.."
City Councilor Rey Garduno
Senator Cisco McSorley
Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino
Senator Michael Sanchez
Representative Gail Chasey
Representative Emily Kane
Representative Georgene Louis
Representative Antonio "Moe" Maestas
Representative Nate Cote
Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton
Representative Mimi Stewart
Representative Liz Thomson
Representative Christine Trujillo
County Cmr. and Fmr. City Councilor Debbie O'Malley
County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins
Ahmed Assad, Attorney
Linda Allison
Marci Blaze
Brian Eagan
Ella Joan Fenoglio, Attorney
Stanley Hordes
Bob Matteucci, Jr.
Fonda Osborn, President, 1199 Hospital and Health Care Employees
Donna Tillman
.......And Growing.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Time Moving On

Hello folks! Low and see I got the suggestion to put in writing a journal post. i used to be thinking on one in all my long commute drives that Barb started this DFNM journal on July fifteen, 2004. 9 years ago!

There has been so many happenings to post about these past months. Super great end to DOMA, and a great victory against the haters in California. Most of the issues Barb would write passionately about though still continue. Racism, greed, lack of leadership, corruption. On and on.

Personally I am working on very meaningful work to me. I have a temporary job which expands often enough to keep me going and challenged. The economy is still shakey but there is improvement over here on the east coast. I watch with dismay as the economy in NM still struggles.

Looks like many qualified people trying to step up and run for offices. I look forward to seeing a true contender to run for Governor. I also hope that someone is talking daily to Sen. John Arthur Smith about how bad things are and the rainy day is here. I cannot imagine four more years with all the same nonsense. No sense!

Today, I was thinking how much I miss Barb. A Phobe Snow song came on and I just stopped and cried at my desk. Coming to the blog is hard cause her being is totally here. I always respected her vision and her desire to do this work, she was magnificant at persuading, and challenging. I was able to keep this blog going for a full year after her death, now these days I don't visit here often. I am always surprised at how many hits it gets without daily input though. Just shows what she built nine years ago.

I am sorry that I can't carry the torch that Barb carried. I carry a different torch, we all carry different torches. I love to do architecture and I am grateful to be continuing that passion and on healthcare design to boot.

Bye for a while again, who knows what will move me to come and update all our great relations in the southwest.

Cheers to Barbara Wold - for her desire to take action and follow her passion and start this blog.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers' Peace Day Message

Barb Wold initially composed this post for Mother's Day in 2006. Barb constantly needed us to recall the premise of this day was for peace. Momsaysnowar_400_1
From this current end of the week's's Code Pink Moms' Day Friendship Demonstration

Moms's Day Announcement: creator of The Battle Hymn of the Republic and The Commonwealth daily paper Julia Ward Howe, Boston, 1870. Iwojima

Mothers' Day Proclamation: Julia Ward Howe, Boston, 1870

Rise, by then, ladies of this time! Rise all ladies having feelings, paying little respect to whether our blessing is that of the ocean or of fears!

Tell unflinchingly: "We won't hold phenomenal request picked by inconsequential associations. Our mates won't reach us, stinking with the butcher, for strokes and hero worship. The youngsters ought not to be used from us to uneducated all that knowledge to indicate them of magnanimity, kindness, and resilience.

We ladies of one land will be unnecessarily fragile of those of different nation to empower our youngsters to be set up to hurt theirs. From the chest of the pounded earth, a sound keeps running up with ourselves. It states "Weaken, Win! The weapon of destruction is not the altar of power

Blood does not wash our shame nor cruelty symbolizes ownership. As men have as usually as possible dismissed the wrinkle and the metal forger's iron at the warrant of battle, allow ladies now move all that can be dropped by a house for a phenomenal and genuine time of exhortation. Give them a chance to meet in any case, as ladies, to weep and respect the fallen.

Make them by then genuinely advise each unique as to the strategies how the tremendous society can exist in harmony, every standing behind their own particular experience the pure phenomenon, not of Caesar, yet rather of God.

For femininity and of humankind, I truly request that a global committee of ladies unbounded of allegiance may be assigned and held at some place considered most invaluable and at the soonest time solid with its things, to propel the collaboration of the unmistakable origins, the agreeable foundation of all inclusive request, the enormous and common concerns of harmony.

Julia Ward Howe, Boston, 1870

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Congratulations New Dem State Chairman - Sam Bregman


Picture higher than from Sam Bregman's FB page coupled from the Dona Ana County excellent website. See more about Sam and his appointments here.

Sam Bregman won the New Mexico State Democratic Chairman position this weekend. He will be the chair for the next 2 years. A very hard position it is. Many struggles are within the great state of NM, jobs and the economy being on the top of the list. Maybe dems can get the economy moving, but seeing the lack of movement on anything politically both with the feds and state politicians is very depressing.

Big kudos goes out to Roxanne Lara for stepping up and running for the state party chair. In the bigger scheme of things maybe it is better you were not victorious, it is a brutal job, imho.

A big thanks goes out to Javier Gonzales the exiting Dem party chair. Javier and his staff did the best they could, remember we are talking about the equivolent of herding cats.

Good luck Sam! We dems are counting on ya!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Roxanne Lara for NM Democratic Party State Chair

Images   Images sam b
It is that time once more, for the Democrats of New Mexico to meet up to choose their State Party Chair. The Meeting will be held in Las Cruces on April 27th. This is the meeting where the chose individuals from the state focal board of trustees meet up and vote in a seat, this year there are two running Roxanne Lara from Eddy County, and Sam Bregman from Bern County.

Roxanne’s background and info can be seen at and her facebook page here. And here is a link to Sam’s facebook page. Much of his campaign info has been cross posted to his FB page as well as his very often newsletter "thoughts from sam."

Number one job for a state party chair is to help democrats get elected to offices up and down the ballot. I believe that a democrat should support a democrat running for an elected office, especially in these times of such division. Division on marriage equality, division on immigration, division on a woman’s right to choose, and gun control, division on energy matters, education and taxes. You name it the democrats and republicans are much divided on the issue.

While running for the HD 30 seat last year as a democrat one of the people running for state party chair was in the closet as a supporter of my campaign. He could not outwardly support my campaign because his alliance was with his law partner, and his law partner was a good friend of my republican opponent for HD30. At least that is what Sam told me was his reason he could not outwardly support me. I must admit Sam’s allegiance to his law partner was unwavering which is commendable. However when you are running for the position of State Party Chair all other promises, pledges, alliances must be trumped by your allegiance to help democratic candidates get into office. Period, and I ask - can Sam do that? Will Sam do that?

Now Sam is a nice enough guy for sure. He has done great things for the Dem Party. He loves to be generous to people. He is a brilliant lawyer, and I would hate to ever cross him. Probably so for other sitting elected officials that have endorsed him. His messaging regarding Gov. Martinez is very strong. But it is time to have a woman’s voice of reason be at the helm on the NM State Dem Party. A reasoned leader not someone who is like the big bad wolves; I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down.

Third strike for Sam is about money in politics. Now Sam has done well for himself and his family and that is fantastic. But I have heard from friends that Sam is “throwing money around” now I doubt that is true but I can see him being generous with some SCC members to persuade them he would be the better candidate. Like let’s say a night at his box suite for an Isotopes game. Or some other form of persuasion. All well and good but money in politics today is a huge problem. What politician would stand up against Bregman now when they are going to need a donation soon? Yuck. No more money in politics. It is obscene where we are as a country with money in politics and policy.

Roxanne can raise the money needed to have a strong Dem party and run strong elections. Roxanne will support every democrat across the state, period, regardless of colleague bonds and affiliations. Roxanne is "tough as nails" and she can take on the Governor more effectively than Sam. Roxanne spent the last four years fighting for what's right as a Democrat in a red county dominated by men in politics. Roxanne is assertive, she will not shrink from defending our democratic values, she will be firm and unwavering, and in my humble opinion she will be more effective and methodical which will achieve greater results.

Lastly, I believe more democratic woman should be in positions of leadership in our world, in our country and in the great state of NM.

So there you have it, I wholeheartedly endorse Roxanne Lara for State Party Chair. Let’s have a woman lead the Democratic Party for the next two years.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Sadness

529399_10151523809919286_2081302640_nPatriot's Day is always a special day off in Boston. For as long as I remember the Monday Patriots day is celebrated on is the day the Boston Marathon is run. Think of 30,000 runners gathering to run 26.2 miles. Spectators line much of the route cheering the runners on. I have always marveled at that long distance run, and the diligence to prepare for a marathon.

Yesterday's Boston Marathon is very different. Explosions at the end of the 26.2 miles, purposely timed to go off at the time most number of runners would be crossing the finish line. What kind of a depraved human would do this?

Some people like Brian Colon can take this horror and use his efforts to turn this horror into something positive for the victims. Brian is holding a 5k run in Albuquerque New Mexico to raise funds for Boston. Today while I was kind of moping around I thought hell, get on that treadmill and walk Mary Ellen, You have perfectly good legs and others lost their legs yesterday in an instant. So I did. And I am committed to walking the 5k here in Methuen Massachusetts in support of Brian's supportive event. And that is how love works. One does for the other to the other for the other and on and on.

From Brian Colon on Facebook: Sunday APRIL 28 @ 1pm is #ABQ5k4Boston We need donations, volunteers & entrants! Goal: 1000 entrants + $20k in sponsors = $47,000 from #47! Go-NM!

Because I am not in NM and am living here 30 minutes from Boston, I too am going to walk the 5k and I am going to try to help my dear friend Brian Colon with his generous heart, being the human that he is and helping people 2500 miles away.  

Maybe it will inspire you as well.....let's all walk for those that can't. Love is the answer.

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Lovie McGee to Seek Election to Abq City Council

Mcgee headshot Long-term group volunteer and previous Air Force non-military personnel laborer, Lovie McGee pronounced nowadays that she will search for decision to city gathering, District 9.

She is directly a specialist realty representative, gaining practical experience in private deals inside Albuquerque. Before turning into a merchant, she labored for a long time as a government PC, fund, and information authority at Kirtland Air Force Base, Department of Defense. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computers and Information Systems degree (Cum Laude) from National College in Rapid City S.D.

Her long history of group contribution incorporates benefit as Chair of the New Mexico Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission and working with the State Fair Commission to set up the African American Pavilion. She as of now serves on the Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent's Council on Equity and has been the seat of her Neighborhood Association. She beforehand served on the City of Albuquerque Human Rights Board and volunteers with Roadrunner Food Bank.

Her priorities will be:

  • Reforming Albuquerque Police Department and devoting adequate public safety resources to keep our neighborhoods safe;
  • Cooperating with Albuquerque Public Schools so every child gets a great education;
  • Supporting firefighters and first responders.
  • Growing small, local businesses and making Albuquerque attractive to employers.
  • Building and maintaining city infrastructure throughout District 9

Ms. McGee firmly believes that the special interests who finance campaigns have too much power in our government. Therefore, she has committed to seeking election under the City’s groundbreaking Public Financing System, which will require her to gather $5 contributions from hundreds of District 9 residents.

“Alone we can do very little – Together We Can Move Mountains,” Ms. McGee said

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Help Pete Dinelli Qualify for Public Financing

From Pete Dinelli for Mayor Campaign:


What seven days!

With only 9 days to go until the due date for fitting the bill for open fund our crusade is grabbing colossal force. However, there is parts more work to be done to guarantee that we meet our objective.

The special interests don't want me in City Hall because I won't represent them, I’ll represent YOU! Please click to chip in $5 or volunteer this week to help us qualify for public finance.

This week we also announced an incredible amount of endorsements for our campaign to move Albuquerque forward. I'm honored to have the support of so many important public officials from all across our city and state.

Remember to join us online on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest in campaign news.

Thank you for all you do,


P.S. - We need volunteers to reach out to as many voters in the city as possible over the next few days. Please click to chip in a few hours of your time to support clean campaigns in Albuquerque.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Real Story - Tax Bill Shows Need for Legislative Reform by Heath Haussamen

Haussamen-Heath low resolutionBy Heath Haussamen,
New Mexico In Depth

As House Speaker Ken Martinez put a conclusion to the 2013 general authoritative session on Saturday, various columnists and others took to Twitter to express their stun at what had simply happened.

Individuals from the N.M. Place of Representatives affirmed various expense changes that had each incited long level headed discussions previously. They lumped the recommendations into one, complex bill that basically moves taxation rate from partnerships to urban communities and areas, which powers the nearby governments to choose in the coming years whether to make spending cuts or raise your expenses.

The House and Senate both affirmed the enactment in the last hour of the session, without numerous legislators setting aside opportunity to see how their votes may influence their constituents and what urban areas and districts will do to plug spending gaps. Many didn't have subtle elements on how the progressions would affect the state's financial plan or information to help the wager that cutting corporate duties will convey noteworthy quantities of new employments to the state.

In the House, Martinez enabled the bill to sidestep the investigation of the board of trustees process regardless of his past articulations about the significance of that procedure. On the floor, the dominant part of officials voted with no level headed discussion. As the session finished up around twelve on Saturday, the House gave last authoritative endorsement to a noteworthy rework of the expense code most had seen interestingly just minutes sooner.

"That is crazy," one lady, her voice caught on a chronicled video recording of the last minutes from the House, mumbled as she watched the duty charge win endorsement.

The Senate had endorsed the bill minutes before the House. At a post-session news gathering, Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, who took an interest in mystery transactions on the enactment, guaranteed to sign the enactment and called it "an essential triumph."

Sen. Joseph Cervantes, D-Las Cruces, enlightened me having little data concerning the effect of the bill is the reason he joined 25 other House and Senate individuals in voting against it. He called the very late push for a subtly arranged bill a "snare" that demonstrated an absence of administration.

"On the off chance that you have a decent approach, it ought to withstand open deliberation and examination," Cervantes said. "In the event that you have a dubious and vague position, at that point you pass it without an open door for investigation."

How it happened

Most administrators didn't know pioneers were arranging the duty charge as the 60-day session slowed down a week ago. The representative, Senate Finance Committee Chairman John Arthur Smith and a modest bunch of others kept discourses mystery.

A rendition of the expense proposition wound up noticeably open Friday night when Smith's board endorsed Senate Bill 538. That enactment went no place following the board vote.

Be that as it may, the proposition increased new life in the last hour of the session, around 11 a.m. Saturday, when defenders stuffed it into House Bill 641 on the Senate floor. Congresspersons voted 34-8 to affirm the proposition, with just Democrats disagreeing.

There was little level headed discussion. Tim Keller, D-Albuquerque, called the enactment "complex" yet encouraged endorsement. Jerry Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, criticized the absence of data and voted against it.

The House brought up the proposition with under 20 minutes until the point when the intrinsically ordered twelve end of the session. Before House individuals had a duplicate of the bill, Minority Whip Nate Gentry, R-Albuquerque, proposed voting without permitting banter about. Speaker Martinez, D-Grants, postponed Gentry's movement sufficiently long for individuals to get the bill and be told by a bureau secretary that it would positively affect the state's financial plan each of the following five years.

At that point more than 66% of House individuals who were available consented to skip banter about and go straight to a last vote.

House individuals didn't have sufficient energy to peruse the bill painstakingly, if by any means. Many said they got no composed provide details regarding the effect of the enactment, while others got a duplicate of a write about the prior form of the proposition, which was obsolete, just before they voted.

Despite the fact that Finance Secretary Tom Clifford guaranteed a positive effect on the state spending plan for a long time, he gave no points of interest and said nothing in regards to the effect on nearby governments or your wallet. An authoritative examination discharged Wednesday – four days after administrators voted to support the bill – evaluated a positive effect on the state spending plan for the initial two years yet a negative effect for the accompanying two years.

Prior to the House voted to skip level headed discussion and afterward support the bill, Jeff Steinborn, D-Las Cruces, endeavored to face off regarding, yet Speaker Martinez cut him off. Rather, there were times of quiet as the speaker sat tight for an authoritative staff member and Clifford to give data.

"They were slowing down so there wouldn't be the ideal opportunity for talk about," Rep. Stephen Easley, D-Santa Fe, was cited by The Santa Fe New Mexican as saying. "That was quite disastrous as far as process and technique."

Steinborn concurred.

"I'm just for sensible expense change and adjusted duty change, however it should be finished with open deliberation and thinking ahead and exceptionally stable money related information," Steinborn revealed to me Tuesday. "That is the reason I was confronting level headed discussion, and why I protested this."

In the last seconds of the session, House individuals voted 46-18 to affirm the bill, with Steinborn and Easley among the modest bunch of Democrats and Republicans in restriction.

House Majority Whip Antonio "Moe" Maestas, D-Albuquerque, who had prior said he didn't know whether to endorse the "complex" and "significant" proposition, voted in favor of it. After the session finished, he told KRQE-TV in Albuquerque, "It's an extraordinary day for New Mexico since it's occupations, it's financial advancement. We met up. We tuned in to each other." Tuned in? Amid wrangle about that never happened?

An obligation to be deliberative and straightforward

Numerous segments of the enactment had been talked about independently some time recently. Be that as it may, lumping them together made gigantic duty change whose effect hadn't been examined. What's more, the House has 18 new individuals this year, including Easley – that is about a fourth of the chamber's 70 individuals – who won't not have been comfortable with the individual recommendations.

The individuals who arranged this proposition and pushed it down administrators' throats – and officials who obliged that exertion – hurled standards of good government, similar to investigation and straightforwardness, out the window. Why?

Smith was cited by The New Mexican as saying he didn't know some other approach to pass such enactment "when we're coming up short on time." Rep. Tim Lewis, R-Rio Rancho, who voted against the bill, revealed to me he didn't have room schedule-wise to investigate the bill before voting however "didn't generally mind the procedure."

"I know it happens once in a while," said Lewis, who said he bolsters the enactment now that he's had sufficient energy to look it over.

Time is an issue. Legislators aren't paid, and many have different vocations. The possibility of coming back to Santa Fe for an uncommon session can be overwhelming. For this situation, the senator debilitated to veto the financial plan and call another session, yet Smith and others trusted she may sign the financial plan on the off chance that she likewise got a huge duty change charge.

Consequently, an arrangement that Rep. Mimi Stewart, D-Albuquerque, who voted against the bill, called a regal screw job.” Many officials who voted in favor of the expense charge were evidently impacted by a want to keep away from another session.

That is ridiculous. Administrators have an obligation to be deliberative and straightforward, to set aside the opportunity to accumulate data, investigation and assessments expected to settle on sensible choices. In the event that that implies another session, so be it.

Cervantes said New Mexico's authoritative procedure is intended to maintain a strategic distance from verbal confrontation and investigation. He has pushed for a considerable length of time, unsuccessfully, for the making of a commission entrusted with proposing protected changes, including changes to the authoritative procedure.

In the event that the present framework obstructs officials' capacity to carry out their occupations, at that point it's the ideal opportunity for auxiliary change.

Haussamen, New Mexico In Depth’s representative chief, can be come to at or on Twitter @haussamen. Find NMID at

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Pete Dinelli Is Marching Along to be the Next Abq Mayor

From Pete Dinelli for Mayor Campaign:
Dominant part Whip, Rep. Antonio "Moe" Maestas Headlines, Even More, Dinelli Endorsements

Dominant part Whip, Rep. Antonio "Moe" Maestas Headlines, Even More, Dinelli Endorsements.

"It's a great opportunity to propel our city and I'm glad to remain with Abq families as we work to recuperate our economy and reestablish confidence in government," said Dinelli. "I'm respected to have the help of such a significant number of essential group pioneers."

Dinelli has amassed an unbelievably expansive coalition that incorporates present and previous chose authorities, open security authorities and group activists.

Adding their names to the developing coalition of supporters today is House Majority Whip spokesman Antonio "Moe" Maestas, spokesman Edward Sandoval, spokesman Sheryl WIlliams Stapleton, Abq City Councilor Issac Benton, previous Bernalillo County District Attorney Jeff Romero and previous Mayor of Los Ranchos de Abq Harry Stowers.

In underwriting Dinelli, Maestas stated, " Abq needs to push ahead again and I have faith in Pete Dinelli's vision for our city's future. Pete will recover our families to work by putting resources into essential open foundation and ensure our children get the training they merit. Pete has the spine to reestablish the softened trust and certainty up our city's authority and that is the reason he has my help."

The following is an entire rundown of declared supports:

State Auditor Hector Balderas
Fmr. NM Attorney General Patricia Madrid
Abq City Councilor Issac Benton
Abq City Councilor Rey Garduño
Fmr. Abq City Councilor, Michael Cadigan
Fmr. Abq City Councilor, Steve Gallegos
Fmr. Abq City Councilor, Miguel Gómez
State spokesman Rick Miera, Majority Leader
State Representative Moe Maestas, Majority Whip
State spokesman Ernest H. Chavez
State spokesman Miguel P. Garcia
State spokesman Emily Kane
State spokesman Edward Sandoval
State spokesman Sheryl Williams Stapleton

State spokesman Christine Trujillo
State spokesman Luciano “Lucky” Varela
State Senator Michael Padilla
State Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto
State Senator Gerald Ortiz Y Pino
Fmr. State Senator Dede Feldman
Fmr. State Senate Candidate Bill Tallman

Fmr. Public Regulations Commissioner, Jason Marks
Fmr. Bernalillo County District Attorney Jeff Romero
Bob Stover, Fmr. Chief, ABQ Police Department
Robert Ortega, Fmr. Chief, ABQ Fire Department
Ross Aranda, Fmr. Deputy Chief, ABQ Fire Department
Fmr. Mayor of Española, Joseph Maestas
Fmr. Mayor of Los Ranchos de Abq Harry Stowers
John Wertheim, Fmr. Chairman of Democratic Party of NM
Linda Stover, Fmr. President of Democratic Women of NM
Cynthia D. Borrego, MPA, Fmr. State PERA Chair

Foundation: Leader. Issue Solver. Born & brought up in Albuquerque. Pete Dinelli is running for Mayor since he won't remain on the sidelines while City Hall is overwhelmed in an open security emergency and negligible divided governmental issues. Pete knows our thriving relies upon making the great paying, durable occupations without bounds, giving a world-class instruction to our youngsters and open security that will make our city a model around the state and country. Pete has filled in as Chief Public Safety Officer, Deputy City Attorney, Director of the Safe City Strike Force, Chief Deputy District Attorney, 911 Interim Director, Workers' Compensation Judge, Abq City Councilor, Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Attorney General.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Diane Gibson for City Council District 7

Diane gibsonFollowing is from the Diane Gibson for Abq District 7 campaign:

She has worked as a Sandia National Laboratories prototype machinist and an Environmental, Safety and Health Coordinator and a Tax Professional. Now Diane Gibson is seeking election to Albuquerque City Council for near-northeast heights District 7.

A long-time resident of the area, Diane’s priorities on City Council will be reforming Albuquerque Police Department, growing jobs by supporting local, home-grown businesses, expanding Albuquerque’s high-tech and tourism industries, and partnering with Albuquerque Public Schools and CNM to build a highly trained, well educated work force.

Photo diane gibsonDiane’s background is varied and particularly well suited for bringing jobs to Albuquerque. In 1985, Diane became just the third female to graduate from Sandia National Laboratories’ Journeyman Machinists program. She worked at Sandia for 17 years as a machinist. After leaving the labs, Diane became a tax advisor for H&R Block, where she currently prepares tax returns for individuals and small businesses.

Diane is a dedicated volunteer in several community organizations. She has served as an Ombudsman for the New Mexico Agency for Aging and Long term Services. She is active in the District 7 Coalition of Neighborhood Associations and the Jerry Cline Park Neighborhood Association. In addition she has been a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and is a member of Animal Protection of New Mexico.

In addition to years of professional and vocational training, Diane is a graduate of the College of Santa Fe where she received a Master of Business Administration. She also attended UNM University of Colorado and CNM and has personally rehabilitated two dilapidated homes, one of which is her current home. She enjoys gardening, fishing, travelling and community work.

Diane feels that District 7 needs strong representation and a responsive Councilor. Her life experience, work history and professional education make her the best choice for City Council District 7. Diane believes that big campaign donors have too much power in local politics and will be seeking public financing of her campaign under Albuquerque’s Open and Ethical Elections Code.

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Friday, March 01, 2013

Sequestration Day = Citizen's Screwed, Elected Officials Safe - Time to say NO

Websters Dictionary Definition of Sequestration:

In law, a writ approving a law-requirement authority to arrest the property of a respondent so as to uphold a judgment or to protect the property until the point that a judgment is rendered. In some thoughtful law wards, challenged property might be saved with an outsider until the point when it is resolved to whom it legitimately has a place.


Image above from the BiPartisan Policy Center

Sign this petition and like this FB page. 

If the Sequester kicks in, it is because the Congress has demonstrated a persistent inability to do its job as set forth in the Constitution. Therefore they should be recalled as a body.

However, as recall elections of federally-elected officials are not permitted, we the undersigned declare this Congress and its members illegitimate, and state our intention to remove every member from office, regardless of party affiliation, in the next election.

Do your job. Or go home.

Also Go LIKE this FB page:!/pages/Recall-the-DC-535/543177652368994

To the people who are looking for jobs this sequestration is very real. The economy is extremely fragile. This is already having effects. It is unbelievable to have this acually going to occur, mostly this affects the poor and elderly.

The solution in my humble opinion, elect women up and down the ticket. No more men in office til they can play fair with others.

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